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Previous videos of MAMADC 2010 - 2012

MAMA DC JAGUARS FEET video was made in a combination of a live performance and a film shoot showing a shamanistic dance performance by the lead singer Leoni Santander of MAMA DC. Jaguars feet is a song that speaks more to the mystical mind and song from improvisational words, interwoven with old words that relate to many different forms of the meaning of the jaguar. In old times and stil in modern times, the jaguar was used by shamans as a spirit for the shamans or medicine people to heal, to see and to understand the ways of nature. The singing form of Jaguars Feet reflects the call & response and invocation, that many traditions by indigenous people have been used through out the ages. Shaman performance camera work: Aldo Smit. Live footage recorded by Djenna Jai Wallace & Mike Selleger at Patronaat, Haarlem 2012.    

MAMA DC videoclip by Bouwine Pool. Blend of ethnic sounds, grooves and vocals. This music/animation clip has been viewed at various film/animations festivals around the world. Celebrating women & life with ancient symbols around the planet. The 'ladies' are hand drawn on little beans.

The song 'MAMA DC' is from the debute album 'Supernatural' of the band MAMA DC 

MAMA DC live on a stormy day at Big Rivers Festival. Camera work: Djenna Jai Wallace & Aldo Smit.


MAMA DC Bapu original 'unplugged'. A windy day at the NDSM wharf, Amsterdam. A raw natural unplugged version of Bapu.

Bapu was used in the feature film Warboys 2009 directed by Ron Daniels, written by Naomi Wallace and Bruce McLeod.

Camera work: Aldo Smit.

Videoclip Wisdom in the face made in Cadaques, Spain when the band was on tour. Camera work: Aldo Smit.

MAMA DC CD Presentation at Patronaat, Haarlem, The Netherlands 2012. Camera work: Djenna Jai Wallace

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