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3 of July 2023

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The song Waterwoman is a song celebrating mystery of dreams of the beauty and the good, the light and the darkness. An abstract storyline of a waterwoman with its reverence to the water pourer in the tradition of the ancient tradition of the sweat lodges. The spirit of Waterwoman in deeper meaning is wisdom rising from the earth, it's medium the waters and the acknowledgment of mystery.

Without waters we can not live, the magnetic properties and mystery she has. 

The inspiration for this song came from recording session for a different project that Leoni Santander did with the late Canadian Chief named Art. He was singing a traditional sweatlodge song as the singer Leoni Santander was recording his voice. Even though the song Waterwoman from MAMA DC is a compleet different song than Art's song, the dream of waterwoman was born, its seeds blossomed into this song.

Five days after this film recording the singer of waterwoman her mother past away, which enveloped a more content to this song as the ashes where carried away by the waters of the sea before launching of the song Waterwoman.

Winnimikoni.. the water is listening.

We hope you enjoy the song and the visuals.




Camerawork by Rick Hortensius. Freelance Cinematographer 15 years + Visual artist @ijsbrandart

This music video has been filmed with an I-Phone by Rick Hortensius 

Location Cadaques Cataluñia Spain

Baba Fururu

Brand New Single Release!!!!

Our new song:

Baba Fururu

This song is to Obatala orisha of peace of the Yoruban pantheon of gods/goddesses. These songs are over more than 400 yrs old and have a long history musically, in tradition, and honoring.

The lyrics are traditional and the musicians of @mamadc_theband

have made a global jazzy creative tribute in their own way to

Obatala the Orisha of peace, the sky father of all other deities.

Today on the full moon and on a Friday (obatala'sday)

we are releasing our second single from our upcoming album!!

We hope you enjoy!

Our recordings of this song was a great journey to intergrate in our own way in respect to its traditional origin (yoruban, santaria, condomblé) and in the ways of muses and creativity in music.

Thank you Nina Olsson for the great artwork!

Medicine Man 

We love to say HELLO to all of you out there!! 🌍 Medicine Man, first single release from the new album from MAMA DC. Great that you are flowing by us! During lockdown we asked our community to film themselves with their mobiles at their homes, dancing to our song and such good vibe vibrations came out of this. People started dancing what was our intention! Just lip smacking fun, a moment of togetherness, and very touching that everyone participated like this! Happy that our band with her talented musicians from different streams of musical backgrounds created this next album as we did.

We hope you enjoy MEDICINE MAN from MAMA DC


Hey Cool cats and music lovers! We Love to share the music hART with you!

If you like to listen to the new releases of our new 3 singles:

Medicine Man, Baba Fururu and Waterwoman

 you pop in and listen on our Spotify page

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YES!!  Our 2nd album is ready and we can't wait to bring the songs to you dear music travellers!

First things first.

Our first album Supernatural wil be brought online on different streaming channels and the second album wil be dropped by the fall.

Stay tuned lovely friends 

We have begon lifting off with our favorite single & video Medicine Man on 30 July 2021! 

On the full moon 19 November our second single Baba Fururu!

On the new moon date 02-02-2022 our single: Waterwoman!

Full moon fever with dropping the long awaited song: In the Midst


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We would love to see you there as well!

"Music is your soul desire, don't stop

we are gonna go higher"