Baba Fururu

Brand New Single Release!!!!

Our new song:

Baba Fururu

This song is to Obatala orisha of peace of the Yoruban pantheon of gods/goddesses. These songs are over more than 400 yrs old and have a long history musically, in tradition, and honoring.

The lyrics are traditional and the musicians of @mamadc_theband

have made a global jazzy creative tribute in their own way to

Obatala the Orisha of peace, the sky father of all other deities.

Today on the full moon and on a Friday (obatala'sday)

we are releasing our second single from our upcoming album!!

We hope you enjoy!

Our recordings of this song was a great journey to intergrate in our own way in respect to its traditional origin (yoruban, santaria, condomblé) and in the ways of muses and creativity in music.

Thank you Nina Olsson for the great artwork!

Medicine Man 


Hey Cool cats and music lovers! We Love to share the music hART with you!

If you like to listen to the new releases of our new 2 singles Baba Fururu &  Medicine Man

you can listen on our Spotify page

You can tap on the album covers or the link below:

YES!!  Our 2nd album is ready and we can't wait to bring the songs to you dear music travellers!

Stay tuned lovely friends 

We have begon lifting off with our favorite single & video Medicine Man on 30 July 2021! 

On the full moon 19 November our second single Baba Fururu!


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"Music is your soul desire, don't stop

we are gonna go higher"