MAMA DC  is a contemporary band with a diverse tight team of six musicians. The band mixes a lip-smacking blend of global music with a splash of poprock and soulful vocals. The musicians of MAMA DC take you on an unforgettable musical journey through different moods and places. And they love doing it! 


MAMA DC has their own original repetoire with catchy dance tunes, intimate listening and easy pop songs with rocky & jazzy elements. Global grooves weave through the songs. The lyrics are in English and Spanish, as well as in improvisational language. With dashes of old Afro-Cuban Yoruba songs (songs to the nature deities 'Orishás' ) that run like a red thread through their music. MAMA DC is a musical journey as much for the musicians as it is for the listeners.


MAMA DC plays live on large stages as well as small intimate and cosy venues. The band has toured in Cataluñia, Spain and in The Netherlands on stages like Paradiso, P60, Patronaat, Big Rivers Festival, Kliff 12, Taverne, Xinix, Rendez Vous and many more.


The band: 


Leoni Santander - Lead Vocals/founder

Gil Lopez - Guitar/Producer

Hajo Sanders - Keys

Celina Yebra Alvarez - Bass

Emilie Cleuver - Percussión

Richard Moelker - Drums