MAMA DC today is a contemporary band with a diverse tight team of 6 musicians that mixes world pop rock and soulful vocals to different spheres, bringing the listener into a unforgettable musical journey and they love what they do!

MAMA DC has an original sound with their own repertoire and communicates with music to their audience with catchy dans tunes, intimate listening and easy pop songs with rocky/jazz elements. World grooves weaves through the songs. The vocals are song in English, Spanish, improvisational language and old afro cuban Yoruba songs (songs to different nature deities) like a red thread through their music and fits the music like a glove. Its a journey for the musicians as it is for the listener.

Live MAMA DC plays easly on large stages as well as small intimate and cosy venues. The band has toured in Spain and in The Netherlands on stages like: Paradiso, P60, Patronaat, Big Rivers Festival, Kliff 12, Taverne, Xinix, Rendez Vous and many more.

Leoni Santander - Vocals & bandleader

"The world moves on a woman’s hips” - Talking Heads

Hajo Sanders - Keys

“Ohne Musik Wäre das Leben ein Irrtum.” - Friedrich Nietzsche

Gil Lopez - Guitar

“Life isn't about getting and having, it's about giving and being.” - Kevin Kruse

Celina Yebra Alvarez - Bass

“Don't trust in my hands and neither my feet, just in the Groove!!”

Richard Moelker - Drums

Emilie Cleuver - Percussion

“Don’t stop until you get enough!” - M.J.

Supernatural cover cut-out

Album: Supernatural

The debut album Supernatural was released in 2009. Produced by Leoni Santander and Jeroen van Hoof. Co- produced by Morgan Grossman. Mastered by Frans Hendriks at Studio Zeezicht, Spaarnwoude The Netherlands. 

Santander the initiator and band leader of MAMA DC asked Jeroen van Hoof bass, composer and soundengineer to collaborate for this project and resulted to this Supernatural album with 13 songs. They went live for years with a band of 8 bringing a dynamic and flirtatious show. MAMA DC’s first animation music clip has been viewed at various film/animation festivals around the world. Animation by Bouwine Pool, Johan Klungel and Patrick Chin. The graffic art design of the album Supernatural by Nina Olsson. Musicians that have collaborated on this album: Gil Lopez, Udo Demandt, Praful, Kris Gadex, Maurits Fondse, Natalie Ilario, Morgan Grossman, Ruth Cowie, Djenna Wallace, Randy Piersma, Valerie Luttik, Britta Duiker, Jeffrey Bruinsman and Annabel Hinten

MAMADC on stage 1

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Hoofd in landschap



“MAMA DC brengt ons in een soort natural high.”

The War Boys (2009)

Deze Amerikaanse filmproductie gebruikte de nummers Bapu en Lelo van ons album Supernatural.

MAMADC on stage paars/girls


We're currently busy in the studio recording MAMA DC's next album. To be released spring 2017!

Busy with bookings for 2017-2018. You want us? Book us! We'd love to come!

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MAMA DC managed by: Paul Snijers
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